Mini Giro

The first dry run of the ‘Mini Giro’ was held in the UK on Sunday 13th of April 2008.

The riders were hoping for a good test of their metal and they got one – with rain and wind forecast a few fell by the wayside before the off.




On the day it was just right to try the resolve of dedicated riders on older bikes with less power and more muscle needed than we are used to today.

A joyous greeting awaited them at The Garage and around 30 riders stopped for a well earned taste of Italian Hospitality and chat (and to look at Bikes).



Admiring the bikes in the showroom the organiser commented on how easy it would be for the group to consider exchanging bikes after hours in the saddle.

A wonderful selection of suitable steeds surrounded them as they rested weary joints and warmed cold hands before continuing on their way.





It was not all about taking a well earned rest; the riders and organisers had a serious reason for stopping too. They had to test the start and release timing for the ‘Mini Giro’ to be recorded as an official event.

The phased release rules are used all around the Globe and take a bit of getting used to. It is not a race and for most people this is distraction rather than a bonus, but it does keep the formality of the ride to the fore.

Official timings for all riders are submitted to ‘Records Central’ and it does give the non-competitive participants something to discuss down the pub later.

Who cares who WON!