Laverda owners club visit

The Laverda owners club descended upon West Chiltington in the wee hours of a Saturday afternoon.  When most Dump-trip drivers are still chewing on crusts and trying to taste the pickle in their ploughmans.  The glorious sound of a Laverda is a thing of folklore and having thirty at once is simply orgasmic, but bikers don’t readily admit to such emotions…

Pietro laid on traditional fare – olives, bread and cake, parma ham, proschuito, cured sausage and liquid refreshment.  The mini-festival enjoyed a break in the weather and the usual exaggerated talk to 100mph bends and stupid car drivers was only superceded by the noise of the engines.

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  1. Username* says:

    Yes and woke us all up on the first day of the Easter holidays – also good signposting please as it seems your bikers are confused by where they should go! Well hacked off of West Chiltington again for another year!!