Ducati Owners Ride

The simply perfect roar of a Ducati is magnificent and hearing them coming from all directions and in batches of fives and tens made the pleasure last a lot longer. The ride had started with bangers and mash in Horsham which I am assured was not an accident on the A24, but a meal for all the riders provided by one of members. Looking around the bikes owned by these guys (& gals) I’d say they were a very mixed bunch and enthusiasts for very different reasons. Some of the very latest machines, some modern replicas of Paul Smart’s machine – right down to the frame blue paint, but with single sided swinging arm and superlight engine it must be a great ride. Then others had original classics and another a self-built 900SS looker and part of an array of machines the owner told me about. (Why a Harley was in the mix I did not find out)

Pietro provided his usual food-fest for his guests and added marinated chicken legs to the list of nibbles in the Biker’s Cafe Bar. Unlike the some other club rides I saw most of these visitors venture round the showroom and take a good look at the bikes on show. Some were even considering their next ride.